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All material on the web shop is the intellectual property of Oval Dean parts and associates and available to visitors for personal use only. Any republication or reproduction, with or without editing, of Oval Dean parts contents without prior written permission of the owner is not permitted according to applicable laws in Greece (2121/93). All text, graphics, images shown in any part of Oval Dean parts are property of their creator.

Oval Dean parts has the right to withdraw, cancel or modify at any time, any information shown on this web shop. 

We do not take responsibility for unforeseen obstacles to delivery, such as disruptions to our own operations or to the operations of our suppliers or manufacturers, strikes, transport difficulties, etc. This applies also where periods of time and dates are the subjects of binding agreements. We are entitled to postpone delivery by the period of duration of the problem plus a reasonable period of time for recovery of operational momentum.

From the moment a product does not include transportation costs, the client must contact Oval Dean parts to discuss and decide which method of delivery he requires.

All goods remain the property of Oval Dean parts until paid in full.

Oval Dean parts believes that users have read this and have accepted unconditionally the terms and conditions of use of this site.


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